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Police identified the man who opened fire at a Florida Publix supermarket on Thursday morning, leaving a grandmother and toddler dead. wikipedia

Timothy J. Wall, 55, was named as a suspect in the horrific shooting at the Royal Palm Beach grocery store inside The Crossroads complex, CBS Miami reported.

According to WPLG, Wall of Royal Palm Beach died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound during the mayhem.


The Palm Beach Sheriff’s Office said late Thursday that there was no known cause or relationship between the shooter and the victims.

The agency said it would not name the woman or child who would turn 2 this month, as the family enacted a Florida law that allows crime victims and their families to withhold their names from public reports.

Timothy J. Wall witness

On Thursday afternoon, detectives were talking to witnesses and reviewing security footage as they tried to piece together what led up to the attack.

One shopper recounted the horrific moment when the gunman opened fire, remembering how he heard gunshots and employee screams near the produce aisle.

“I heard ‘They’re shooting’! A female Publix employee shouted, ‘Run! Shot!” Juan Guardia told the Palm Beach Post.

“I was scared. It’s sad because everything happened so fast. Everyone was running. Some employees were crying.”

Customer Ron Glassman said he had just parked in the shopping plaza and headed to another store, when about 50 shoppers running out of Publix shouted,

“There is a hitman, there is a hitman! Don’t go in there!”


Timothy J. Wall Shot a woman to death

Timothy J. Wall has been identified as the suspect who police claimed to have shot a woman and a toddler before turning the gun on himself at a Publix convenience store in Royal Palm Beach, Florida.

The Palm Beach Sheriff’s Office told Local 10 News that the boy, a child, will turn 2 this month. The PBSO said in a statement that the woman and child were grandparents and grandchildren. The boy’s father was called to identify his son, the news station reported.

According to The Palm Beach Post, Wall was a 55-year-old Royal Palm Beach man. Authorities told the Wall newspaper that his body was found with a pistol next to him, and officials believe his fatal wound was self-inflicted.

The Sun-Sentinel reported that the attack occurred at around 11:30 am Eastern time at 1180 Royal Palm Beach Boulevard at The Crossroads in Royal Palm Beach Plaza. The report stated that the entire plaza was closed by the police for hours after the attack.

About Royal Palm Beach

Royal Palm Beach is a village about 15 miles west of West Palm Beach and just north of Wellington. This post will be updated as new information becomes available and additional details are confirmed.


Royal Palm Beach Sherrif’s Statment about Timothy J. Wall

The Palm Beach Sheriff’s Office said in a statement on June 10, 2021 that “there is no known cause or relationship between the gunman and the victims.” Authorities said the PBSO is continuing to investigate and is working to determine what led to the shooting.

Witnesses told the Sun-Sentinel about the tragedy and said they ran errands when shopping trips were deadly for a young boy and his grandmother. Lynn Waterman told newspaper reporters that she checked the safe when she heard the gunshot. She told the newspaper she thought the balloons had burst. The cashier said he was a hitman and started running according to the article.

“Everyone left the shop and I stood in the parking lot for a while and said to myself, ‘Why am I standing here? He could have come out and shot us,’ Waterman, 61, told the newspaper.

Timothy J. Wall and Police Investigations

Teri Barbera, spokesperson for the Palm Beach Sheriff’s Office, told Local 10 News in the hours after the attack that the process of naming victims and suspects would take a long time. Wall was identified after his relatives were informed.

“Three people have passed away right now and our closest relatives have not been notified, so please understand that this is a long process,” Barbera told the news station.

Barbera told the news station that PBSO documented the crime scene, interviewed witnesses, and reviewed security footage and video as part of the investigation, and is working to determine the cause of the shooting.

According to The Palm Beach Post, Publix said: “Our thoughts are with those affected by this tragedy.” “We are cooperating with local law enforcement.

The outlet said the police allowed very few people to leave the store and “it appeared that most workers and some customers were being held inside” for interviews. The Palm Beach Post reported that police are also checking license plates and that “people are not allowed to move their vehicles.”