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Restaurant owner Marlena Hackney was arrested by Michigan state police on March 19, seven days later. wiki

Nessel sent the email after learning from staff that Hackney would be interviewed by Fox News presenter Tucker Carlson.


The Mackinac Center for Public Policy received the email exchange after filing a Freedom of Information Act request with the Attorney General’s Office. He had requested documents related to the Hackney case.

Deputy Attorney General Email to warn Marlena Hackney

Deputy Attorney General Eileen Whipple emailed Nessel and others in the office to warn them of the planned television appearance of Hackney.

“Should I be prepared to answer that?” Nessel asked in a follow-up series. “I hope it takes exactly 93 days for this. (Is this for contempt of law or just for criminal humiliation?)”

In another email, Nessel asked about planned actions by Michigan state police officials.

“Does MSP intend to go and get it?” Or are they planning to wait until next week? said Nessel.

Whipple told Nessel and others that their offices had briefed the police “about this new information.”

Whipple responded to Nessel’s comment regarding the maximum penalty for Hackney:

“As for the length of his probable prison sentence, since this is a coercive violation of law, the court (as the court stated in its decision) can keep him in jail until he is arrested. adapts or becomes impossible to fit. ”

Fox News’ interview with Hackney was broadcast on 17 March.

Hackney was arrested by Michigan State Police on 19 March. Released from prison on March 23, she.

Spokesperson statement Marlena Hackney

Kelly Rossman-McKinney, the spokesperson for the Attorney General’s office, made a statement via emails: “Ms. Pavlos-Hackney deliberately violated state food laws, public health orders, and government orders. court – a dangerous act that may have exposed dozens of restaurants and employees to the virus after it was discovered that one of Marlena’s customers had tested positive for the virus within two days of eating there. Ms. Pavlos-Hackney’s later decision to go on national television and air her non-compliance jeopardized the state’s ability to protect public safety during a global pandemic, possibly encouraging others to break the law.