Dejhanay Jarrell (N*k*d Brooklyn mother) Wiki, Biography, Age & More facts

Dejhanay Jarrell Wiki – Biography

The Brooklyn mother, who allegedly threw her two young children, including a newborn baby, who is now in serious condition, out of a second-story window, is facing attempted murder charges, police said.

Dejhanay Jarrell Age

Dejhanay Jarrell is 24 years old

Why Dejhanay Jarrell was charged?

Dejhanay Jarrell, 24, was charged on Saturday with two attempted murders, two assaults, twice reckless endangerment and acting dangerously for a child under 17.

According to police and witnesses, Jarrell threw his nude children out of the fire exit of his Rockaway Parkway apartment at around 11:00 am on Saturday, before throwing him to the ground and continuing to harm the newborn girl.

Carl Chin who rescued the baby from mother Dejhanay Jarrell


Carl Chin, who lived in a row house adjacent to the apartment’s courtyard, rushed to save the baby from the mother’s arms.

“He grabbed two kids and it started hurting them even more,” Chin told The Post on Saturday.

She held the baby in her arms, and I had to take it from her and hold it until the police and paramedics arrived,” she added. “He thanked me and told me to take care of them while I rescued them while I was trying to hurt their children.”

Chin, 41, said after the shocking incident that left her sister-in-law “scared” and “traumatized”, the young mother told her she was “tired of being alone”.

According to an NYPD spokesperson, the 4-week-old baby girl survived a two-story fall but was in critical condition Saturday and the 2-year-old boy was non-life-threatening.

According to police sources, the mother with a spinal cord fracture and the child who suffered a crush and internal trauma was taken to Brookdale Hospital. Dejhanay Jarrell wiki

The newborn baby was taken to Maimonides Hospital, where he was treated for a skull fracture, brain swelling and kidney injuries. According to police sources, the monthly girl’s condition was severe.

The custody of Jarrell’s children rests with the city’s Child Services Administration, and police have a video of the startling incident, sources said.

Neighbors were still shaken by the news a day later.

“She’s been here for about three months. She was a good person, a mother of a family,” said Herman Moultrie, 62, who lives in the building next door to Jarrell’s. “He wasn’t hanging out on the streets or anything. I never knew they had such problems.”

“I think he’s tired of being alone or being harassed.”

Agatha Altifois, 62, who lives on the same block, said: “I’ve lived here for five years and I’ve never heard of anything like this happening here.

“But it’s very difficult to tell what one’s mood is, especially when they have two young children.”