Who Was Ziona Chana (Head of world’s largest family) Wiki, Biography, Family Members & More Facts News

ziona chana

Ziona Chana Quick Facts News According to local media, with 167 members, Ziona Chana’s family is the largest in the world. His family lives in a large, four-story pink building with about 100 rooms. The sect leader said he married 10 women in a year. Ziona Chana Wiki & Biography News A 76-year-old man with … Read more

Us Relaxes Travel Warning To 61 Countries, Including Turkey

US relaxes travel warning to 61 countries

While the US continues its vaccination campaign as part of the fight against Covid, it has relaxed travel restrictions for many countries. The public health agency updated its criteria on Monday, removing 61 countries from Level 4, which includes “high risk” countries with the advice to “avoid all travel”. Countries such as Turkey, France, Spain … Read more

EURO 2020: 10 Little-Known Rules Of The European Football Championship


EURO 2020 UEFA has rules that determine everything from A to Z in major tournaments such as the European Football Championship (EURO 2020). UEFA’s rules for the tournament consist of 70 pages and 19 thousand words. UEFA has brought together 10 critical regulations that it thinks football fans might miss, within such detailed regulations on … Read more

Pfizer Begins Testing Its Covid Vaccine In Children Aged 5-11 As Moderna Ceo Says His Company’s Shot For Kids Will Be Available By The Early Fall

Pfizer-BioNTech announce

  Pfizer-BioNTech announced Tuesday that it has begun late-stage clinical trials of its coronavirus vaccine in children ages five to 11. Lower doses will be used for children, 10 micrograms, compared to 30 micrograms for those over 12 years of age. The company says it expects to get data in the second half of 2021 … Read more