Elastic Electronic Devices Are One Step Closer: Samsung Already Has A Prototype Capable Of Stretching 30%

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Flexible OLED displays lifted the ban. Not only did they show us that it is possible to develop electronic devices with a certain degree of flexibility, but they also showed something even more important: that this technology is useful if implemented where it can contribute to something. The next natural step is to develop elastic … Read more

The IOs Features That Android Phones Use And That Iphones Could Now Borrow From Google

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One of the biggest complaints from iPhone users about their current iOS14 is to have shown that Apple took too long to add the widget function and that it copied it from Android, something that we have always pointed out that occurs between both operating systems, wherein sometimes iOS uses Android functions and then Android … Read more

Nvidia Announces That It Will Rent Its Dgx Supercomputers For Companies To Develop Their IA

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Nvidia, a multinational specialized in the development of graphics processing units, announced that it will rent its network of supercomputers in the cloud DGX SuperPOD to companies to develop prototypes of new Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithms, as reported during the Computex computing fair 2021 recently held in Taiwan. The company’s new subscription offering is part … Read more

Astrological chart of Spotify: how to consult it in the application?

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The popular music platform Spotify, which currently has 356 million users in the world, announced the launch of the global campaign called “Nobody listens like you”, which will be accompanied by a new experience in the application and personalized playlists for all subscribers from service. The campaign focuses on celebrating the way the platform’s content … Read more

Fully Charge A Cell Phone Battery In 8 Minutes? This Is How This New Xiaomi Technology Works

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Hypercharge 120W wirelessly and 200W via cable The Chinese technology manufacturer Xiaomi this week showed its new fast-charging solutions for smartphones that it currently works on, which go up to 120W wirelessly and 200W via cable, which could fully charge a phone battery in just eight minutes. HyperCharge, as Xiaomi’s new generation fast charging technology … Read more

Twitter Blue Is Official: How Much Will The Subscription Cost And How Will The Service Be Accessible?

Twitter Blue

Twitter has confirmed its payment service Twitter Blue, which provides additional features to those found in the free version since Thursday has begun to be available for users in Australia and Canada. Twitter Blue is the company’s response to those users who “use Twitter a lot” and demanded “powerful features” that meet their needs. With this paid service, … Read more