Who is Joanna Overholt? a (Magnetic Nurse) Wiki, Biography, age, twitter & More facts

Joanna Overholt Wiki Biography profilesinfo Joanna Overholt is A woman who describes herself as a GP nurse student tried to defend an Ohio doctor’s unproven claim by proving that she was actually magnetic after receiving the COVID-19 vaccine. Joanna Overholt, who says she previously worked in the intensive care unit and is now a nurse … Read more

Alex Dragomir Youtube star died after 7 hours heart surgery Wiki , biography

Alex Last Message

Alex Dragomir Wiki Biography Alex Dragomir vlogs about his journey to getting a heart transplant, but this week he finally died after a seven-hour surgery, his sister announced. Alex Dragomir, a popular YouTuber who shared his love of football and his medical journey with tens of thousands of followers, passed away this week after undergoing … Read more

Digital Covid Certificate: The Application That Will Allow Eu Citizens To Travel Unrestricted From 1 July

Digital Covid Certificate

The EU Digital COVID Certificate will facilitate the safe free movement of citizens in the EU during the COVID-19 pandemic. The certificate will be introduced in EU Member States. Countries can start publishing and using it and it will be available in all EU Member States from 1 July 2021. What is the EU Digital … Read more

Biosecurity: Unsupervised Laboratories And The Epidemic Threats They Create


We witnessed an uncontrollable virus sickening 166 million people around the world and killing millions in a year and a half. Regardless of the origin of the coronavirus, these events have brought the issue of bio-security and the control of biological threats to the top of the world’s agenda. According to official figures, Covid-19 has claimed … Read more

How Do Gender Biases Shape Our Brains?

The toys we give to children or the behaviors we attribute to them can leave deep scars that continue throughout their lives. BBC correspondent Melissa Hogenboom has written about how gender-role biases shape our brains. When my daughter was very young, she was very keen on all things pink and ‘girls’. When she was not even two … Read more