Astrological chart of Spotify: how to consult it in the application?

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The popular music platform Spotify, which currently has 356 million users in the world, announced the launch of the global campaign called “Nobody listens like you”, which will be accompanied by a new experience in the application and personalized playlists for all subscribers from service.

The campaign focuses on celebrating the way the platform’s content is heard, so Spotify will deliver new statistics regarding the type of music or what users play the most. It is an ‘astral chart’ linked to the musical tastes of the users that allows knowing the sonic natal chart of each person, the pairs of most opposite artists that are heard and a complete musical journey in time, among other functions, the company explained in a statement.

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Relaxed girl listening to music with headphones at home. Happy woman in casual enjoying music in the bedroom Source getty image

“Your sonic birth chart comes to life through the artists you listen to. Sol: the most important artist you have listened to in the last six months; moon: the artist you listen to that best shows your emotional or vulnerable side, and ascendant: an artist with whom you have recently connected ”, they explained from Spotify.

To consult the information, the user must open the application from his smartphone and go to the section called “Only you”, which has been made visible with a special banner on the home page.

When entering the section you can read the option “Discover your listening habits.” What artists, songs and podcasts set you apart from the rest? In this section, a series of stories will be displayed in which different data will be delivered to the user.

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Among the images, one of them will offer the option “Do you want to know your astrological chart?”, Which will allow the user to display the personalized list of artists associated with the three topics: sun sign, moon sign and rising sign.

Some of the newest features of this new campaign are the following:

  • The dinner of your dreams: the three artists that the user would invite to the dinner of your dreams. Once selected, Spotify will create a custom Spotify Mix mix for each artist to set the mood.
  • Your artist pairs: the user will be able to meet the most opposite and unique artist pairs that they have recently listened to and that show their variety of interests. For example, who else would put “J Balvin” right after “Olivia Rodrigo”?
  • Your year of the song: allows you to know how you have traveled musically through different periods of time.
  • Your time of day: the music and content of the podcasts that the user listens to first thing in the morning or late at night.
  • Your Genres / Topics: How music genres and podcasts distinguish each user based on their listening habits.

More news on the platform

At the end of March, Spotify announced that it will allow “going back in time” through the option called “Recently listened to”, with which premium and free users will be able to jump back and search for content up to the last three months of their most recent listening. .

The platform will also incorporate personalized music recommendations for premium users and will allow uploading images, dragging and dropping songs while designing their playlists. In addition, it redesigned aspects in the podcast section to make it easier for users to find the content that interests them the most.

Premium subscribers will also be able to download music and podcasts for offline playback, simply by pressing the download button (icon) on the desktop app.

In addition, the platform recently announced that during the course of this year it will introduce the audiobooks of the specialized service in this format, Storytel, into its catalog, within the framework of an agreement between both companies that will allow users of both platforms to link their Storytel account. with Spotify.

Spotify now shows the sonic birth chart and other curious information about what we listen to

With over 70 million songs and 2.6 million podcasts to choose from, there is audio content to discover on Spotify. However, each user has unique tastes and combinations. With that in mind, the streaming platform launched Nobody Like You , a global campaign, accompanied by an in-app experience and personalized playlists that celebrate the individuality of each of its users.

No one listens like you focuses on celebrating the way you listen and offers a shareable experience similar to Most Heard of the Year. With this experience, users will be able to discover:

  • His sonorous natal chart, brought to life through the artists they listen to. So then, the Sun is the most important artist that the user has listened to in the last six months, Moon : the artist who listens that best shows his emotional or vulnerable side, and Ascendant : an artist with whom he has recently connected.
  • The dinner of your dreams, which brings together the three artists that each user would invite to the dinner of their dreams. Once selected, Spotify will create a custom Spotify Mix for each artist to set the mood.
  • Your Artist Pairs: The most opposite and unique artist pairs that each user has recently listened to and that show their variety of interests. For example, who else would put ” J Balvin ” right after ” Olivia Rodrigo “?
  • Your Year of the Song – How the user has traveled musically through different time periods.
  • Your time of day : the music and podcast content that the user listens to first thing in the morning or late at night.
  • Your Genres / Topics – How music and podcast genres distinguish each user based on their listening habits.

The sonorous natal chart, one of the data from the most recent Spotify campaign

As part of the Nobody Listens Like You campaign , Spotify will launch a new custom feature called Fusion . Currently in beta version, it is a new way for two friends to combine their musical tastes in a playlist specially selected for them. Updated daily, listeners can simply invite a friend to mingle with them, as long as they have a Spotify free or premium plan. Over time, Fusion will grow with each user depending on how they change their listeners.

“While No One Listens Like You celebrates the unique ways eligible users listen, we know that music brings people together and Fusion is making it even easier for users to connect, discover and share the music they love with each other,” he says Spotify in a statement.

As part of the campaign, Spotify celebrating the creators and their fandoms, with fun facts such as:

  • Only the Harries dine on watermelon. 43% of Harry Styles fans listen to “Watermelon Sugar” at night.
  • Only the Selenators dance with her all night. Fans have listened to more than 413,994,382 hours of dance music after midnight.
  • Only Lil Nas X fans call him by his real name. Fans have created over 97,924+ playlists with “MONTERO” in the title.
  • Only Doja Cat fans speak the whale fluently. Fans have heard more than 4,050,732 hours of whale sounds.
  • Beliebers receive only as much vitamin C . “Peaches” has been added to 6,438,038 playlists.
  • Only Morat fans could save a lyric bot tweet for each moment. Morat fans are one of the most receptive fandoms when it comes to Spotify content .