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Andreas Deon Horton Wiki – Biography

A FACTORY worker in Alabama died in Alabama before taking his own life after killing two of his co-workers and injuring two others.

Police said that 34-year-old Andreas Deon Horton was killed at Mueller Co., Albertville at 2:30 am local time on Tuesday morning. He said he opened fire on his colleagues at the fire hydrant factory.

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Andreas Deon Horton Age

Horton is 34 years old

Andreas Deon Horton Shooting Victims

Authorities confirmed that two people were shot dead and two injured on Tuesday afternoon.

The fatally injured were 27-year-old, Michael Lee Dobbins and David Lee Horton.

Dobbins’ grandmother, Ann Walters, told AL.com that she had worked at the factory for 10 months and was “fixing it to buy a house and a car for her girlfriend.”

Albertville Police Chief Jamie Smith said that although he shares his last name, David Lee Horton had nothing to do with the gunman.

According to Smith, Horton’s anger now appears to be “unprovoked”.

Smith, at an earlier press conference, Mueller Co. The employee said Horton began shooting inside the factory “for an unknown reason”.

It was reported that the gunman was found with a self-inflicted gunshot wound just after 6 am local time.

Horton fled the scene in a maroon jeep and was later found dead on Carlisle Avenue in Guntersville.

Meanwhile, two injured workers, Casey Sampson and Isaac Byrd were taken to surrounding hospitals to be treated for their injuries. Their status was not immediately known.

Police said on Tuesday afternoon that there were no other injuries or deaths at this time.

Smith said Horton was recognized by the police but had not had any conflicts with the law “for several years”.

Smith said none of his previous crimes were violent in nature and mostly involved minor traffic violations.

Mueller Co. in Albertville. Less than 500 people work in the factory.

Smith said about 100 people were inside the factory when Horton opened fire.

He told reporters that they had all evacuated the building by the time they got to the scene.

The building produces millions of fire hydrants and is one of the region’s largest employers.

Smith said the facility will likely remain closed for the next few days as the investigation continues.


Police Statment about Andreas Deon Horton

Mueller Co. in Albertville, Alabama, said a worker suspected of killing and injuring two at the fire hydrant factory was found dead by apparent suicide. Learn more in the video above.

According to Albertville Police Chief Jamie Smith, the gunman was found dead from a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head in an SUV that matched the description of the shooter’s vehicle, near Carlisle Street in Guntersville, just before 6 am.

Police said the suspect, named Andreas Deon Horton, 34, of DeKalb County, Alabama, opened fire on his colleagues at around 2.30 am in a part of the factory where the hydrants and pipes were painted.

The two employees killed in the attack were identified as Boaz’s Michael Lee Dobbins and David Lee Horton.

The two injured victims were taken to Southern Marshall Medical Center for treatment before being transferred to a hospital in Chattanooga, Tennessee. Their status is currently unknown.

The plant, which the chief says will be closed over the next few days as authorities continue their investigations, employs more than 400 people and is behind the town’s nickname, “The Fire Hydrant Capital of the World.”